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Chicago is world-famous for its architecture from many eras. The Art Deco style coincided with the biggest building boom in the city’s history. We have a rich collection of buildings from that era and in that extravagant style. In Chicago’s densely packed Loop we will explore eight key examples of Art Deco architecture.

From one of the earliest examples of Art Deco commercial buildings to the fully mature skyscrapers, from modest buildings to massive, iconic structures, we will experience the grand sweep of the Roaring 20s and its heady manifestation in architecture. On our tour, we will enjoy some of the most beautiful Art Deco buildings in the world in Chicago’s historic downtown.

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Highlights include:

The Starck Piano Company Building, One North LaSalle Building, and Trustees Systems Service Building

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Chicago: Art Deco

  1. Starck Piano Company Building - Introduction to Art Deco and Starck Piano Company Building: We’ll begin to explore what Art Deco was about and its context in Chicago as we take in this early architectural example.
  2. Field Building (Exterior)  - We discuss how this skyscraper came about, even during the Depression, and how it exemplifies the Art Deco style.
  3. Field Building (Interior)  - We will explore the features and meaning of the Field Building’s elegant lobby.
  4. Chicago Board of Trade Building (Exterior)  - We will discuss the history, architecture and design program of this iconic building.
  5. Chicago Board of Trade Building (Interior)  - We will explore the opulent lobby and explore its rich materials and ample symbolism.
  6. One North LaSalle Building (Exterior)  - We will explore the architecture and sculptural program of the exterior before entering the lobby.
  7. One North LaSalle Building (Interior)  - We will experience one of the most beautiful interior spaces in Chicago and discuss its components.
  8. 33 N. LaSalle Building - We will take a brief look at this quintessential LaSalle Street Art Deco skyscraper and the meaning of these buildings.
  9. ComEd Substation - We will examine what this odd little building is, the meaning of its relief sculpture, and more about what was going on during the Art Deco period
  10. Trustees Systems Service Building - We will explore this unique and artful example of an Art Deco skyscraper, featuring work by renowned artists.
  11. Merchandise Mart - We will explore the iconic Merchandise Mart, its history, mind-boggling statistics, and current life.

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