Edinburgh Castle

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On our tour of Edinburgh Castle, you will hear of its inhabitants, its points of interest, and its many sordid tales.

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Highlights include:

Middle Ward, St Margaret's Chapel, and Half Moon Battery

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Edinburgh Castle

  1. Memorials on Castle Esplanade - We'll learn about a hero, who captured an enemy standard from the midst of battle’s throng and a blunderer whose military ups and downs are remembered in a nursery rhyme.
  2. Gatehouse - We'll discuss how appearances can be deceptive and how its conference suite was built for a much more judicial function.
  3.  Outer Ward - So here you are a leader of an army intent on capturing the castle and your thinking to yourself if I’ve got this far, I’ve made it. We'll hear how maybe just maybe, as you look round it dawns on you, you had totally miscalculated.
  4. Portcullis Gate - Listen and you will hear of a tower destroyed in a lengthy siege and its two rebuilds. One strictly functional the other aesthetically pleasing, that is to the Victorian eye.
  5. Middle Ward - Here you can view the castle’s northern ramparts and its array of ordinance. Hear of why a gun is fired daily with the exception of the Sabbath and of a daunting staircase that led directly to the castles heart. Oh and as you go admire the work of French prisoners of war c'est magnifique!
  6. Governors House - Hear of this important gentleman’s house mate and how the post was abolished.
  7. New Barracks - These were built as accommodation for the castle’s garrison but apparently this building was anything but beautiful in the eye of beholder, the good denizens of Edinburgh. Plus you have the chance to visit not just one, but two superb regimental museums.
  8.  Inner Ward St Margaret's Chapel - Hear how this was built in memory of saintly queen by her second kingly son and how it was spared by Scotland’s famous warrior king from the ravages of war.
  9. Mons Meg - As artillery pieces go this was one of the best and biggest in the mediaeval world. What’s more it was a present from the Duke of Burgundy; I should think they lifted a glass or two of wine in thanks for his Grace’s generosity.
  10. Half Moon and Forewall Battery - Time to view the Eastern ramparts and hear of the castle's water source and how this caused a dilemma, in times of siege, for the castle's defenders.
  11. Crown Square Royal Palace - So you’ve made it to the castle’s epicentre, a place of royalty and royal occasions. Hear how a Scottish king, lured by the bright lights, or flaring torches might be a more apt description, of London, could only manage one visit home to the exact place of his birth in 22 years.
  12. Great Hall - This is the place, where our monarchs, held their royal occasions under the outstanding, hammerbeam roof, one of only two in Scotland. Hear about how this place of feasting and reception was furnished to a Victorian architect’s idea of mediaeval taste, and of its sinister secret.
  13. Queen Anne Building - The third face of the square built on the demolished Great Halls kitchen. Hear how the wheel has turned full circle.
  14. Scottish National War Memorial - This is a place of both remembrance and reverence for the glorious war dead and there’s no shortage of them as you will discover. Hear of its origins and of the building’s shrine and its flanking memorial hall. Be prepared to be moved!
  15. Military Prison and Prisoner of War exhibition - Both are located near the Durys Battery on the Western Ramparts; the good news is its downhill. These are two informative visits, the first of military discipline and the second the place of confinement of prisoners of conflict. Both have been restored to their former glory, if that’s the right word.
  16. National War Museum - Located in a former warehouse, this is an engaging museum. This is presented in several thematic sections one of which poses the question, why so many Scots joined the army. This is the last chance to be immersed in military history

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