Essential Angkor Wat: An Introduction

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Angkor Wat


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Our mini-tour will take you from the sandstone terrace to the west of Angkor’s moat across a causeway that leads to the world’s greatest religious monument, both in terms of size and in terms of artistic achievement. Along the way you will learn about the 900-year history of this grand edifice and be thrilled by the exceptional skill of Khmer carvers.

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Highlights include:

Rainbow Bridge and Terrace of Honour

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Angkor Wat: An Introduction

  1. Rainbow Bridge - Our tour begins on Rainbow Bridge, a bold feat of engineering linking earthly and celestial realms.
  2. The Entry Tower - Discover the sculptural and architectural gems of the picturesque entry tower.
  3. Terrace of Honour - LoremFrom this scenic terrace, admire natural panoramas and the wondrous entrance to Angkor Wat.

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