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Discover the historic center of Bogota and the stories which have forged a nation. On our tour, we’ll explore Colombia’s tales of love, war, religion and terrorism etched into the capital’s buildings and monuments.

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Written by an academic writer in the social sciences, with a focus in Latin American history and anthropology

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Highlights include:

Plaza de Bolivar, La Casa del Florero, and El Palacio y Iglesia de San Francisco

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Essential Bogota

  1. La Plaza de Bolívar - Discover the quirks and whimsical evolution of Bogota’s main square.
  2. La Plaza de Bolívar: Buildings - Treat your eyes and ears to the capital’s most iconic buildings, and their historic role in the nation.
  3. El Observatorio Astronómico Nacional de Colombia - Explore an astonishing observatory which carries the spirit of Colombian independence.
  4. El Camarín del Carmen - Time-travel to a holy sanctum where sacrilege knew no bounds.
  5. El Palacio de San Carlos - Delve into a fabled romance which saved a life and made history.
  6. La Casa del Florero - Discover the story of an iconic household item which paved the way to Colombian independence.
  7. El Palacio de Justicia - This immaculate building was the site of the capital’s most notorious act of terror.
  8. The Memorial of Dr. Gaitán - Walk in the footsteps of a man whose murder changed the nation.
  9. El Palacio y Iglesia de San Francisco and Parque Santander - Discover hidden histories in this bustling neighbourhood, one of the oldest in the city.
  10. El Museo del Oro -  Join us for our final tour point, a curatorial launchpad to contemplate the birthplace of America’s most famous legend.

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