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Cape Town


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On our tour in the center of Cape Town, we will discover how the city developed from a small colonial outpost to a world-renowned metropolis. Starting with the oldest building in the country, we will see many well-preserved examples of 18th and 19th-century architecture. Perhaps more important than the buildings themselves are the stories they tell of the prominent people that helped shaped the country. As we move through the city, we’ll not only see beautifully preserved architecture from centuries past but also learn how the social structure of the country evolved.

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Highlights include:

Castle of Good Hope, St. George's Cathedral and Groote Kerk

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Essential Cape Town

  1. Castle of Good Hope - At the oldest surviving building in South Africa, we'll find out why the early European explorers chose to settle on the southern tip of the continent.
  2. Cape Town City Hall - We delve into some of the historical events that this grand Renaissance-style building overlooking the Grand Parade square has seen unfold on its doorstep.
  3.  District Six Museum - Situated on the eastern fringes of the inner-city, the District Six Museum tells the story of the forced relocation of a vibrant neighborhood during the Apartheid-era.
  4. Houses of Parliament - Built in the late 19th century, these beautifully designed buildings have been the country's main political arena throughout colonial rule, civil wars, apartheid and finally current-day democracy.
  5. Company Garden - The original supply gardens of the early colonialists today houses a public park, various historical monuments, and statues as well as a collection of museums and galleries.
  6. Cecil John Rhodes statue - At a statue memorializing the British politician, we take a look at the influence of this controversial imperialist in not only in South Africa but also on Southern Africa at large.
  7. High Court building & apartheid benches - At two seemingly ordinary benches on the sidewalk of Queen Victoria Street, we discuss the dark history of South Africa's segregation laws under Apartheid rule.
  8. St. George's Cathedral - We'll find out how this ornately designed Anglican cathedral, the oldest of its kind in South Africa, played a vital role in the struggle against Apartheid.
  9. St. George's Mall - This vibrant pedestrian avenue lined with street vendors, art galleries, street buskers, curio shops, and food markets also holds a few historical sites worth exploring.
  10. Arch For the Arch - An architectural monument commemorating the life and work of Desmond Tutu serves as the backdrop for a discussion of the Archbishop's legacy.
  11. Slave Lodge - We discuss the history of slavery at the Cape in front of the building that served as lodging for hundreds of slaves during the colonial era.
  12. Grootte Kerk - Translated from Dutch for the Great Church, this church is the oldest site of Christian worship in South Africa.

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