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Louise has a MA in History from Copenhagen University, where she specialized in medieval Danish social history. She has worked largely with Denmark’s monarchy and church history. Louise has 5…Read More Bio »



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Beginning with the iconic statue of The Little Mermaid, our tour mixes the beauty of art with the country’s history of war. We will show you a 400-year-old citadel, the best art museum in town and end with the stunning Victorian-style greenhouse in the middle of the Botanical Garden. You will hear about brave men fighting to overthrow the occupying Nazi-regime in the 1940s, the whispers of life from an 18th-century prison cell in Copenhagen, and many other captivating stories from the Denmark’s capital.

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Written by a tour guide with an MA in History from Copenhagen University, where she specialized in medieval Danish social history

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Highlights include:

The Little Mermaid Statue, Kastellet, and The Botanical Garden

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Essential Copenhagen

  1. The Little Mermaid - Since 1913 the Little Mermaid has sat on her stone overlooking Copenhagen Harbor. We will hear how she became one of the city’s most famous statues and why she has been both abused and decapitated! You will also meet a famous Danish family and understand why beer appreciation and art appreciation go hand in hand in Copenhagen.
  2. Copenhagen Harbor Front - What is that building across the water? Is it even a part of Copenhagen? Here, you will learn what a trash incinerator has to do with skiing and hear how “The town across the water” ended up being part of Copenhagen. But wait! It isn’t over till the fat lady sings… We also talk about the Royal Opera House.
  3. Gefionspringvandet - A stone’s throw from the harbor line, we find a powerful fountain and a curious little stone church. This beautiful fountain is one of Copenhagen’s most beloved pieces of art and annually draws thousands of admires, but why?
  4. The memorial statue at Kastellet - At the entrance to the old citadel, you will hear the story of this 400-year-old fortification and learn why Copenhagen had to protect itself. From bloody wars with the Swedes to the nation’s first terror attack in 1807 and stretching all the way to the atrocious horrors of World War 2, you will hear how war shaped the development of this part of Copenhagen.
  5. Ramparts of Kastellet - From a closed-off military property to a welcoming breath of fresh air! We take a closer look at the Citadels long history and admire the green ramparts in the middle of the bustling metropolis. Why is this a favorite spot with recreational exercisers and can a citadel survive in a city that has not seen war or occupation in over a generation?
  6. Nyboder Museum - In the middle of modern Copenhagen, you suddenly find yourself in a time warp. This area is covered with small, yellow houses from the 1600s. Here, in front of the small museum of Nyboder, you will learn the amazing history of these tiny and lovable houses and come to understand why they truly are a hidden treasure in the capital.
  7. Stokhusgade - In this quiet street, all seems peace and harmony. However, the street’s name is an indication that there used to be a prison in this street. Together we look into a scary part of Copenhagen’s history that is often left in the dark!
  8. The National Gallery of Art - From the outskirts of Copenhagen, we now find ourselves in the centre of the city. Here we have the National Gallery that houses national and international art from 1300 and onwards.
  9. The Botanical Garden - We end the tour in the green quiet of Copenhagen’s Botanical Gardens. You will see one of Copenhagen’s most beautiful buildings, the Palm House. A celebration of industrial engineering and Victorian beauty, it is an enduring monument and a triumph of Carlsberg founder J. C. Jacobsen.

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