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On our tour through the heart of Helsinki, we’ll explore the capital’s most captivating sites. We’ll give you a taste of Finland and show you what made Helsinki the ‘White City of the North.’

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Highlights include:

Helsinki Cathedral, The Presidential Palace, and the Uspensky Cathedral

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Essential Helsinki

  1. Senate Square - The heart of Helsinki that reminds us of the Russian era in the Finnish history.
  2. Helsinki Cathedral - The main Lutheran cathedral of Finland, dating back to the mid-19th century this architectural piece is a true symbol of Helsinki, the white capital of the North.
  3. University of Helsinki - The main building of the University of Helsinki, one of the leading universities in Europe today, a symbol of education that is free for all the Finnish citizens.
  4. Governmental Palace - Previously the seat of the Senate of the Finnish Grand Duchy in the 19th century, today it houses departments from the Prime Minister’s Office.
  5. The statue of Alexander II - The statue of Alexander II, as the Finns called him the good Tsar who gave established the first official Finnish currency, markka.
  6. The statue of Havis Amanda - The Finnish Mermaid was created as a symbol of Helsinki as the daughter of the Baltic Sea.
  7. Esplanade - Esplanade is a central promenade, full of life and events in summer and Christmas lights in winter.
  8. The Market Square - This square is a famous shopping place. Why not also visit the Old Market Hall, a beautiful venue that sells bear salami and reindeer chips?
  9. The Presidential Palace - This palace, once a residence for the visits of Russian Tsars, is now the president’s place of work.
  10. Skywheel Helsinki - Allas Sea Pool and Helsinki Skywheel are modern additions to the Market square ensemble. Here you can come for a swim, a delicious meal or an exciting ride on the Skywheel with a panoramic view over the city and the sea. And let’s not forget the famous Finnish sauna!
  11. Sugar Cube building - "Sugar Cube” as the Finns call this office building designed by Alvar Aalto, the famous architect and designer.
  12. The Uspensky Cathedral - The second main cathedral in Helsinki that represents the Finnish Orthodox religion. We will learn why it was built in Helsinki and what it symbolizes today.

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