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In the narrow, winding alleys of Jerusalem’s densely packed old city, we’ll race through its storied past, from ancient Judean capital to a spiritual capital for billions around the world – where three great religious traditions trace some of their earliest myths and memories. We’ll take on the city’s vast religious diversity, visiting multiple synagogues, cathedrals and chapels, ending up at the third-most holy mosque in all of Islam.

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Highlights include:

Tower of David, St James Cathedral, and the Western Wall

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Essential Jerusalem: Old City

  1. Jaffa Gate - At this bustling entrance the old city, we’ll trace its story to Abraham, the Friend of God.
  2. Tower of David - Successive powers have added to this jumble of ruined fortifications since the 2nd century BCE.
  3. James Cathedral - At this 12th-century church and monastery, we’ll introduce one of Jerusalem’s oldest groups.
  4. The Cardo - A few meters down beside a Hasidic synagogue, this ancient road was uncovered after the Six Day War.
  5. Hurva Synagogue - At this twice-rebuilt synagogue in the Jewish Quarter, we’ll tell the stories of different eras’ Jewish returnees.
  6. Church of the Holy Sepulchre - Built on an ancient quarry at a site selected in Byzantine times, this church is for many Christians the city’s holiest site.
  7. Chapel of Simon of Cyrene - Midway along the Via Dolorosa, we’ll consider Jesus’ final hours, while also introducing the charms of the lively Muslim Quarter.
  8. Western Wall - The last remaining link to the Jewish temple, this stretch of Herodian wall is deeply sacred to many Jews.
  9. Temple Mount - We’ll end our walk near the entrance to Jerusalem’s ancient Holy of Holies, a platform now marked by one of the holiest mosques in Islam.

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