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In our tour of downtown Lisbon, we will walk through several chapters of its history, seeing changes both physical and spiritual alike. We will pass by pre-earthquake churches, viewpoints that show you why it is called “the city of seven hills” and old tramways that are still running to this day, all the while seeing the ongoing change that keeps the city simultaneously old and new.

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Miradoura de Santa Catarina has a glorious view of the iconic Cristo Reimonument

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Written by a Lisbon tour guide for the past four years, who is constantly developing his deep knowledge about the Portuguese capital.

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Highlights include:

Praca dos Restauradores, Praca da Figueira, and Elevador de Santa Justa

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Essential Lisbon

  1. Miradouro de Santa Catarina – This viewpoint has a view of the iconic Cristo Rei monument as well as the 25th of April Bridge, two symbols of Portuguese history.
  2. Rua da Bica – One of the oldest tramways in Lisbon, Bica has been one of the go-to places for social life, sunsets and food.
  3. Largo de Camões – With its statue of the great poet Luís de Camões at its center, this square has been for decades the most central downtown meeting point of the city, next to all of the nightlife and the shopping district.
  4. Igreja de São Roque – This was the first Jesuit church in Portugal, as well as one of the few buildings to have survived the Great Earthquake. We trace its progress from its beginnings to how it came to be the headquarters of the national lottery.
  5. Jardim de São Pedro de Alcântara – Another century-old viewpoint, São Pedro de Alcântara gives you a panoramic view of old town Lisbon, including the São Jorge Castle and the oldest church in the city, Sé de Lisboa.
  6. Calçada da Glória – Besides being one of the steepest streets in the city, this tramway was also a pioneer in the street art movement in Portugal as it has an ever-changing outdoor gallery, accessible for any that want to contribute to its story.
  7. Praça dos Restauradores – This square stands as a reminder of the territorial wars of the past, between Portugal and Spain, with an obelisk commemorating Portuguese autonomy after the sixty years of the Iberian union. It is also at the bottom of Avenida da Liberdade, a boulevard known as one of the most expensive shopping streets in Europe.
  8. Largo de São Domingos – São Domingos is a square dedicated to tolerance and a space for multicultural comunion. However, it was also the site of an unspeakable act of bigotry. We delve into its history and progress.
  9. Praça da Figueira – Figueira Square is a small but busy place. It has a weekly cheese-and-cold-cuts market with all of the classic Portuguese foods, and it is also the home of the monument to King John I, one of the most important monarchs in the country’s history.
  10. Elevador de Santa Justa – This lift is the only one of its kind, both in terms of structure as it’s the only conventional vertical elevator, and in terms of its neo-gothic style as well. It connects lower and upper downtown together.

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