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Madrid is a city steeped in Spanish pride and progress, characteristics contributing to a delightful clash of culture and tradition, evident in the inspiring and surprisingly varied architectural landscape. Embarking on our quest through the door of the sun, we will be exploring parts of the old city and new, traversing that fine line between yesteryear and the now. As we say in Spain, Vamos!

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Highlights include:

Plaza Mayor, El Palacio Real de Madrid, and Plaza de Espana

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Essential Madrid

  1. Puerto del Sol - With each successive generation, the plaza continues to find renewed relevance among the citizens of Madrid. From politics to cultural practice, it maintains its foothold as the heart of the city.
  2. El Oso y el Madroño - Pay a visit to the immortal symbol of Madrid and learn of how a bear and a strawberry tree came to be of such significance to the nation’s capital.
  3. Plaza Mayor - This is the birthplace of the famous Bocadillo de Calamares – a sandwich of fried calamari. Place your order at any of the fine restaurants of the square and take in the moment and the history of the plaza like a true Madrileño.
  4. La Catedral de la Almudena - The elegant grey and white façade of the Catedral de la Almudena is matched by the neighboring Palacio Real, but the similarities stop there. The comparatively petite structure has endeared it to tourists and locals alike, for its delicate details and sentimental appeal.
  5. El Palacio Real de Madrid - This imposing giant of European palatial grandeur has surpassed both Buckingham and Versailles. The royal family has long since moved on, leaving the palace open to public viewing – a must-see on any visit to Madrid.
  6. Jardines de Sabatini - A packed picnic lunch is a must when visiting the Sabatini Gardens. The beautifully quaint and well-manicured space offers shady trees and reflecting pools, the ideal pitstop. Not to mention, breathtaking views of the palace at sunset.
  7. Plaza de España - The well-situated Plaza de España is home to one of Spain’s most noteworthy landmarks. Come for the monument and stay for the view.
  8. Museo Cerralbo - Beyond the doors of this once residential mansion, lies a feast for the eyes, bordering on gluttonous. Prepare for a celebration of hedonism not easily equaled.
  9. Temple of Debod - Ancient Egypt finds itself at the center of the Iberian Peninsula. How, why and when are questions to be answered as you walk the path through the gateways along the quay, where all shall be revealed.

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