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Mexico City


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Journey down Mexican history from pre-hispanic to modern times, through the tangible to the impalpable and mythical. As you explore palaces, squares, ruins and more, immerse yourself in the stories and past lives of Mexico City, the nation’s capital.

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Written by an academic writer in the social sciences, with a focus in Latin American history and anthropology

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Highlights include:

El Palacio Nacional, El Templo Mayor and the Old Customs Building

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Essential Mexico City

  1. La Plaza del Zócalo - Discover how this public space has watched Mexico grow over the centuries, from prehispanic times to the modern era.
  2. El Palacio Nacional - Delve into the place closest to the action when Mexico’s many power shifts have rocked the lands.
  3. La Catedral Metropolitana - Learn the quirks and unusual stories of one of Latin America’s most emblematic cathedrals.
  4. El Museo Nacional de las Culturas - Time-travel to a strange room in the Aztec Empire where a famous emperor enjoyed some peace and quiet.
  5. El Templo Mayor - See with your eyes the ruins of one of Mesoamerica's greatest lost treasures, and explore the violence which has marked it.
  6. The Old Customs Building - Explore a late colonial building of great commercial importance and the lives it impacted merely through its construction.
  7. El Palacio de la Inquisición - Tremble at one of the most dreaded and infamous symbols of Spanish colonial rule.
  8. La Casa de la Malinche - Discover a female Mexican icon whose name is synonymous with treachery but whose historic role is intertwined with the beginnings of modern Mexico.
  9. El Palacio de Minería - Explore the history of a place of learning, whose architecture is a throwback to a post-Enlightenment era.
  10. El Palacio de Los Azulejos - Delve into the myths and stories of an iconic Moorish-influenced palace.
  11. El Palacio de Bellas Artes - Revel in the beauty of this palace, whose history has known diametric extremes of Mexican identity.
  12. La Alameda Central - Join us at our final stop, the oldest public space in the Western hemisphere and a passive witness to Mexico’s tumultuous power shifts.

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