Essential Miami Beach: Art Deco

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Our tour is perfect for those wanting to learn more about the famous architecture of this resort city. The tour covers some of the best buildings from the 1930s, focusing on the “modern style” of that era. First, it provides a background to the 1920s by exploring an enclave of Mediterranean Revival architecture that remains one of the most beloved areas of Miami Beach. Then, the Art Deco design of the 1930s gives us a glimpse into the period that produced it: a post-Depression world looking for fantasy and escape, much like the Hollywood musicals of the era. You will come away with a deeper appreciation of Art Deco architecture and its distinctive Miami Beach manifestation.

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Highlights include:

The Crescent, The Cardoza, The Leslie, and the former Versace Mansion

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Miami Beach: Art Deco

  1. À La Folie Café - We will learn the origins of Miami Beach and the forces that created the resort city, up to the 1920s.
  2. Española Way and 1920s Mediterranean Revival - We will stroll through and observe the unique 1920s environment of Española Way in preparation to understand the Art Deco period.
  3. The Crescent and the McAlpin - We will learn the history of Art Deco, its presence in Miami Beach, and the style’s main characteristics.
  4. The Netherland Hotel and Cavalier Hotel - We will be introduced to the Miami Beach Historic District through two 1930s hotels, the Netherland Hotel and the Cavalier.
  5. Art Moderne, The Cardozo - We will explore one of the best examples of Art Moderne in Miami Beach, the Cardozo Hotel.
  6. The Carlyle -We will explore the Carlyle hotel’s design, which demonstrates how architects combined Art Deco and Art Moderne to great effect.
  7. The Leslie - We will discuss the Leslie hotel’s Art Deco and Art Moderne design.
  8. The Tides - We will survey another tall hotel with characteristic Art Deco details: The Tides hotel.
  9. Casa Casuarina - former Versace Mansion - The Miami Beach story reaches incredible new heights in the 1980s and 1990s with film, TV, and celebrity exposure.
  10. The 1970s Story of the Preservation Movement - Art Deco Visitors Center - We will hear the story of Miami Beach through its roughest times up to the hopeful era of preservation and regeneration. We conclude our tour and the story of Miami Beach with a positive assessment of the city today and a tribute to the woman who saved the city’s Art Deco architecture

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