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Our tour takes in Pompeii’s must-see highlights along with some of its lesser-known but most intriguing sites. You’ll cover some of its grandest ancient temples, dedicated to Greek, Roman and Egyptian gods. You’ll visit some of the finest villas, rich with glimpses into patrician life, stand atop its grand theater and in the center of its impressive amphitheater, and receive an introduction to the city’s history, culture, demise and rediscovery.

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Highlights include:

The Forum, The Temple of Jupiter, and the Temple of Isis

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Essential Pompeii

  1. The Forum - We begin our tour at Pompeii’s main piazza, where we’ll get our bearings with the help of Vesuvius and take in the monuments surrounding the ancient square, trying to imagine what it would have looked like in its heyday.
  2. The Temple of Apollo - This Greek temple, embellished by the Romans, has stood here in various forms since the 6th century BC. While admiring what’s left of it we’ll touch briefly on the legacy of the Greeks in Campania
  3. The Temple of Jupiter - Among the most imposing remains left on the Forum, this temple was dedicated to the king of the Roman pantheon – along with Juno and Minerva, who completed the Triad. Here, we’ll touch on the Roman consolidation of power in Pompeii and prepare to leave the Forum.
  4. The Forum Baths - At this, the most ornate of Pompeii’s bath complexes, we’ll be learn a bit about the Roman ritual of bathing and even more about the water system that fed the entire city, the latter at least as impressive.
  5. The House of the Vettii - This richly-decorated home belonged to wealthy merchants who were former slaves, and offers a wonderful glimpse into the lavish lives of the aristocracy of Pompeii.
  6. The Lupanar Grande - Pompeii’s largest brothel, it remains today among the city’s most popular attractions. Crowds permitting, we’ll view the erotic art that adorns its walls and discuss the laxity of Roman attitudes regarding sex.
  7. The Temple of Isis - At this mysterious temple, devoted to one of Pompeii’s most popular imported cults, built around the resurrection myth of Osiris, we’ll consider the allure of such cults in the ancient world.
  8. The Grand Theater - This large theater was among the first to be found when Pompeii was rediscovered. Admiring the views from the top, we’ll touch on how the city was finally found after over 1500 years of hiding underground.
  9. The Garden of the Fugitives - This ancient garden houses the largest permanent collection of plaster cast forms, freezing the shapes of those fleeing the destruction – a fitting place to finally consider the events of the 79AD.
  10. The House of Venus in the Shell - At this well-preserved home, one of the more recent ones uncovered, we’ll admire one of Pompeii’s most famous wall paintings.
  11. The Amphitheater - We end our tour at the world’s oldest surviving Roman amphitheater, where we’ll discuss the prime attraction of ancient times, gladiatorial contests, as well as more graffiti, an intriguing skull mosaic and the modern rock band Pink Floyd.

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