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Our tour around Reykjavik will take in the city’s iconic landmarks while also diving into its Viking past. We’ll also learn about the development of Reykjavik and how it transformed from a small farm into the northernmost capital city in the world. When we’ve finished, you’ll have learned who the key Viking players were in Reykjavik’s settlement as well as its history and culture.

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Highlights include:

Austurvollur Square, Amarholl, and Hallgrimskirkja Church

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Essential Reykjavík

  1. Austurvöllur Square - The heart of Reykjavik. Here, we’ll talk about Iceland’s Parliament, and meet one of Iceland’s national heroes.
  2.  The Settlement Exhibition - A museum containing the oldest remains of a building in the city. We’ll talk about the early days of Reykjavik’s settlement.
  3. Fógetagarður Square - This quaint square contains another statue of an Icelandic hero who is commonly referred to as the ‘Father of Reykjavik’.
  4. Ingólfstorg Square - Another focal point of Reykjavik’s small downtown area and named after Reykjavik’s founder, this square is the perfect spot to learn more about Ingólfur Arnarson.
  5. The Old Bank, Post Office & Pharmacy - At this intersection downtown, we’ll turn to the historic buildings around us and investigate why Reykjavik is so different from the other European capitals.
  6. Lækjartorg Square - At this square, we get a view of the iconic Harpa Concert Hall. We’ll look at its design and the culture of Reykjavik. Narration: Harpa Concert Hall, its award-winning design, and Reykjavik’s culture.
  7. Arnarhóll & Statue of Ingólfur Arnarson - Standing in front of the statue of the city's founder, we’ll discuss why the Vikings migrated from Norway and Mt. Esja across the water.
  8. Culture House Museum - Outside the museum, we’ll learn about the Viking Sagas, the written history of Iceland’s settlement and its most notorious Viking characters.
  9. Intersection of Laugavegur and Skólavörðustígur - At this intersection of Reykjavik’s two most popular streets, we’ll talk about the two biggest events in recent history: the financial crisis and 2010 eruption. Narration: Iceland’s modern-day development.
  10. Hallgrímskirkja Church - Reykjavik’s most famous landmark is Hallgrímskirkja Church. We’re going to dive into its design, and also talk about the intrepid Viking explorer Leifur Eiriksson.
  11. Sun Voyager Sculpture - At this sculpture of a Viking longboat and ode to the sun, we’ll talk about the sculptures unique design before concluding the tour on the waterfront.

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