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The historic center of Santiago is a world treasure and urban depository of diverse cultural and historical influences that have shaped the Chilean nation. From pre-hispanic times to the modern era, its buildings, public spaces and monuments disguise a rich tapestry which we will unveil in our Essential Santiago tour.

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Written by an academic writer in the social sciences, with a focus in Latin American history and anthropology

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Highlights include:

La Plaza de Armas, El Barrio Civico, and La Iglesia de San Francisco

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Essential Santiago

  1. La Plaza De Armas - As our point of departure, we will explore the long history of Santiago's beating heart and cultural nucleus.
  2. La Plaza de Armas - Buildings - Discover the functional and stylistic evolution of the main square’s buildings, crucial to the historic development of Chile.
  3. El Palacio La Alhambra - Eavesdrop on the tumultuous history of this uniquely exotic palace, where art has suffered from the realities of war.
  4. El Palacio de La Moneda - Explore the history of one of Latin America’s most famous political buildings, one whose past is etched in the memory of the nation.
  5. El Barrio Cívico - Discover the various elements of Chile’s modern-day political nucleus, their architectural connotations and their overlapping layers of history.
  6. La Alameda - Take a trip through time down Santiago’s proverbial memory lane, where a 19th boulevard once charmed the nation.
  7. La Iglesia de San Francisco - Discover the tremendous evolution of Chile’s oldest building, and the colonial treasures that it still houses.
  8. El Teatro Municipal de Santiago - Explore a cultural jewel of Chile that staged one of the capital’s most traumatic republican disasters.
  9. El Cerro de Santa Lucia  - Delve into the captivating pre-hispanic origins of this sacred hill, histories that have eluded the knowledge of Chileans for centuries

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