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Is this your first time to Savannah? We can almost guarantee it won’t be your last. Savannah has more than her fair share of secrets, and this tour is set to clue you in on a few of the best kept ones. Our tour will cover different parts of Savannah’s Historic District, taking you first down what we in town call the “String of Pearls”: a set of 5 squares heading toward Forsyth Park with some of the largest and most well-known monuments in the City. The tour will loop across the Victorian District and finish up at the oldest existing cemetery in Savannah, Colonial Park.

A walk-through Savannah is a walk-through history, where the cobblestone and brick lined streets offer up both beautiful sights and sounds, as horse-drawn carriages go past and people bustle about their business. In Savannah, every building has a story to tell, and this tour is set to reveal as many to you as our time can allow.

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Highlights include:

Johnson Square, Forsyth Fountain, and Calhoun Square

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Essential Savannah

  1. Johnson Square - Savannah’s oldest and largest square, we’ll discover how this was the gathering place for Georgia’s colonists.
  2. Wright Square - We’ll visit Courthouse Square, and learn about the two distinct monuments that lie within the green.
  3. Chippewa Square - Forrest Gump Square is where you’ll find America’s oldest continually run theater, and the founder of the Georgia colony.
  4. Madison Square - Revolutionary War central, along with our controversial “Pumpkin House” and Sherman’s headquarters during the Civil War.
  5. Monterey Square - A misspelled square, and the home of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil here in Savannah.
  6. Forsyth Fountain - This is the most popular place in Savannah to get your picture made, and there’s no better place to stop and take in the view.
  7. Victorian District - Home to the second oldest continually run hospital in the United States, and the largest tree in Georgia.
  8. Calhoun Square - A beautiful square with an eerie past, as well as the oldest school in Georgia.
  9. Lafayette Square - Perhaps the most popular square in Savannah, where just about every inch is covered with historic homes.
  10. Colonial Park Cemetery - The oldest existing cemetery in Georgia, with more than 10,000 burials but less than 500 headstones…

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