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Seattle exists because of two West Coast gold rushes. The first birthed the town, the second ballooned its economy and population. On our tour, we will discover how those events gave rise to the Emerald City and learn about the places and people that have come to define Seattle’s unique character.

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Highlights include:

Pike Place Market, Yesler Way, and Waterfall Garden Park

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Essential Seattle

  1. Original Starbucks - The mothership for a global coffee chain that has come to define the world’s addition to java.
  2. Pike Place Market - Nothing screams “Seattle” like Pike Place Market, a defining part of the city’s downtown waterfront since 1906.
  3. Gum Wall - Once labeled one of the five germiest tourist attractions in the world and now one of Seattle’s quirkiest tourist attractions.
  4. Seattle Art Museum - One of the first art museums in the Pacific Northwest and renowned for its Hammering Man sculpture out front.
  5. Ivar’s Acres of Clams - The most iconic restaurant in the city, opened by one of Seattle’s most unique and quirkiest residents.
  6. Colman Dock - Home to one of the world’s largest ferry systems, and a history defined by the city’s greatest tragedy.
  7. Yesler Way - This is where the Seattle story began as a muddy collection of huts and one sawmill
  8. Pioneer Square - Seattle’s first neighborhood, and the story of a gold rush that cemented Seattle’s place as a major West Coast city.
  9. Smith Tower - Once the tallest building in the West and today home to one of the world’s most unique reading nooks.
  10. Waterfall Garden Park - Birthplace of one of America’s most iconic companies, and a park that was one of world’s priciest to build.

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