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Our tour is a loop around Stockholm’s Gamla Stan, famous for its well-preserved and medieval buildings and charming cobbled streets. We’ll explore the history of this area from the Vikings to the present day.

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Written by a medieval historian with a MPhil and PhD from the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, University of Cambridge

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Highlights include:

Stenbocksta Palace, House of Nobility, and Parliament Building

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Essential Stockholm

  1. Riddarholmen Church - This church has a long history and is the final resting place of an impressive line of Swedish kings.
  2. Wrangel Palace- The former royal residence is now home to one of the highest courts in the Swedish legal system.
  3. Stenbockska Palace - Another palace dating to the seventeenth century, with a colourful history to match its walls.
  4. Riddarhuset / House of Nobility - We’ll discover how this Baroque palace acted like the House of Lords and protected the interests of the nobility.
  5. Brantingtorget – This tucked-away beautiful square would be easy to miss. It contains an interesting sculptural fountain.
  6. Parliament Building - Something more modern for our tour - the seat of the Swedish parliament, where all the big decisions are made.
  7. Medieval Museum - We’ll dive into the Middle Ages where the uncovering an old wall led to this museum being built.
  8. Royal Palace - One of Europe’s largest palaces, this is still the official residence of the Swedish monarch.
  9. Storkyrkan/Stockholm Cathedral - The cathedral of Stockholm dates all the way back to the thirteenth century – as old as the city itself!
  10. Stortorget - At the heart of old town and once the site of a gruesome massacre, this square contains the Nobel Museum.
  11. St Gertrude’s Church - This church was made by and for the German inhabitants of Stockholm and we’ll find out more about their history.
  12. Rune-stone built into the corner of Prästgatan - This stone is carved with runic letters and snake patterns: what can it tell us about the famous Vikings?

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