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Bori is a writer, a tour guide, and a local patriot to Budapest, Hungary. She travelled with a rural touring theatre, interviewed a metal band for children, and did plenty…Read More Bio »



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Our free mini-tour will take you back 200 years back in time. You’ll discover the birth of Hungarian grand opera, peek behind the curtains of Budapest nightlife around the turn of the century, and learn about renowned Hungarian photographers of the 20th century.

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Created by an exceptional local tour guide

Written by a long-time Budapest guide and journalist

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Glimpse of Budapest FREE Mini-Tour

  1. Opera House - We’ll discuss the Hungarian Grand Opera's history and also learn about the Hungarian National Anthems, and why that is in fact plural.
  2. Budapest Broadway - The small area of the Budapest Broadway is packed with entertainment venues and is known as one of the most active nightlife scenes from around turn-of-the-century Budapest.

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