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If you were to ask most people a simple question like ‘name a serial killer” chances are that they would answer Jack the Ripper” such is the infamy of this character. Even though the murders that he committed took place over 130 years ago he is still a figure that fascinates.

Our tour will follow in Jack the Ripper’s footsteps, such as we know them, from reports of the time and we will recreate the atmosphere of the terrible conditions that the people of the East End had to live in during the Victorian era. Conditions which were so appalling for the populace but which gave “Jack” the perfect cover for his dark deeds.

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Highlights include:

The Roman Wall, St. Boloph's, and Providence Row Night Shelter

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Jack the Ripper East End

  1. Trinity Square Gardens - An introduction to the East End London of the late 1800s.
  2. The Roman Wall - This wall was built around the Roman trading post known as Londinium. A structure that Jack would have seen during his days.
  3. America Square - We now go back to 1888, the year of the Ripper attacks. There were 11 murders in Whitechapel that year with 5 of them being attributed to “Jack."
  4. St. Botolph’s, Aldgate Church - A location with a very significant connection to Jack the Ripper.
  5. Mitre Square - At 1:45 AM, PC Watkins of the City Police walked his beat into Mitre Square. He shone his light into the dark corners and his light fell upon the mutilated body of Catherine Eddowes.
  6. Devonshire Square - By now the killer was known as “Jack the Ripper”. It was written on a letter dated 25th September 1888 and was received by the Central News Agency on September 2nd.
  7. Corner Goulston Street and Wentworth Street - We are fairly certain that we know where Jack went after the murder of Catherine Eddowes. There is a strong argument to say that it was here.
  8. Providence Row Night Shelter - Often the home of Mary Jane Kelly, also known as Marie Jeanette Kelly, Fair Emma and Black Mary, is believed to have been the last of five victims of Jack the Ripper
  9. Hanbury and Brick - Annie Chapman, the second of Jack’s 5 victims was murdered in Hanbury Street on September 8th 1888 at number 29 where she had a room.
  10. Ten Bells Pub - Jack is alleged to have selected some of his victims while in this pub.

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