Jewish Budapest

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Eszter fell in love with the historic Jewish quarter in 2001 when she came to live there and  has been participating in the neighborhood’s life in many ways ever since,…Read More Bio »



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In our tour, we will explore the history of Hungarian Jewry in the 19th and 20th century and discover architectural gems from the golden age of Budapest. We will admire the grandeur of four exceptional synagogues, walk in romantic passages, stop at memorials for the victims and heroes of the Holocaust, and end our tour with a refreshment at the first and most famous “ruin pub” of the neighborhood.

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Written by a tour guide, who is a doctoral student at New York University, where she wrote her candidacy paper about the history of the historic Jewish Quarter.

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Highlights include:

Dohany Synagogue, The Heroes Synagogue, and Rumbach Street Synagogue

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Jewish Budapest

  1. The Dohány Street Synagogue - An architectural masterpiece, the first major synagogue in an urban setting that employed oriental style on its façade, and with that established a new genre in Central-European synagogue architecture.
  2. The Raul Wallenberg Memorial Garden - A memorial garden for non-Jews who saved Jews during the Holocaust, with a central memorial for the 600.000 Hungarian Jews murdered in the Holocaust, in the shape of a weeping willow.
  3. The Heroes Synagogue - A synagogue that combines oriental and art deco architectural styles and the appearance of which echoes the Dohány synagogues Torah ark.
  4. The Carl Lutz Memorial - A unique memorial for Swiss ambassador Carl Lutz who saved the lives of over 10.000 Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust.
  5. Stumbling Stones - Stumbling stones in front of a dwelling house, that are part of the decentralized Holocaust memorial across Europe designed by German artist Günter Demnig.
  6. Rumbach Street Synagogue - An astonishing monument designed by Otto Wagner, leader of the Viennese secession, inspired by the Alhambra mosque in Granada.
  7. The Gozsdu courtyard - The largest and most prominent passageway, connecting seven architectural units across Dob and Király street, the two oldest longitudinal streets of the historic Jewish quarter.
  8. Memorial of the Ghetto Wall - The last standing piece of the 1944 ghetto wall that surrounded the neighborhood in its darkest times - and the motivating story behind its preservation.
  9. The Market Hall at Klauzál square - Turn of the century Market Hall on the main square of the Jewish quarter, surrounded by tenements and a park with playground.
  10. Kazinczy Street Orthodox Synagogue - The center of the Hungarian Jewish orthodox community, a building complex that evokes medieval Jewish ghettos while combining Hungarian folk art with early modern architectural solutions and art deco stylistic elements.
  11. The Jewish Ritual Bath, or the “mikvah” - The only functioning Jewish ritual bath in Budapest built together with a dwelling house.
  12. Szimpla kert/Szimpla Garden - We are ending our tour with a refreshment inside an old tenement that used to be a place for a stove factory and was turned into a “ruin bar” in the early 2000s.

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