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Our tour weaves through the epicenter of the LGBTQ+ Revolution in one of New York City’s most beloved neighborhoods. The events that took place at The West Village’s Stonewall Inn in 1969 were radical enough to enact a worldwide movement that continues to fight for equal rights for all. A century before the infamous rebellion, these streets were a place of solace for many who were seen as outsiders to more mainstream society. The bohemian cafes, theaters, and tearooms in this neck of the woods laid the setting for what would become a more diverse and accepting community. Despite the changing demographics of residents, the city, state, and country’s recognition of its historic importance assure its place will always remain within the LGBTQ+ legacy.

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NYC AIDS Memorial Park, Uncle Charlie's and the Stonewall Inn

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NYC’s LGBTQ+ West Village

  1. Gay Liberation Front - The West Village is a neighborhood that's been known for it's artistic and bohemian community for hundreds of years. The natural progression included the gay, lesbian, and plus communities. It was here that the rebellion heard around the world took place to move the progress of human rights forward for decades to come.
  2. The Church of The Village - Going against the Methodist Church grain, this has become a safe haven for the LGBTQ+ community and for communities of color.
  3. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center - This community center for the LGBTQ+ community provides a variety of services for the people who seek them, including a library of information about the history of its people. It's also become ground zero for so many other important community organizations that have greatly improved the lives of people around the world.
  4. NYC AIDS Memorial Park at St. Vincent's Triangle - After the revolutionary days of the 1960s and 70s, the AIDS crisis took hold of the LGBTQ+ community and ravaged the neighborhoods that held its people. St. Vincent's Hospital was long a center for crisis management in a city that was so often plagued by them, and it became the 2nd in the country with a dedicated HIV/AIDS treatment center.
  5. Uncle Charlie's - A new kind of gay bar for a new generation of young gay men who were finding themselves at home in New York City. This was a place for the music video generation.
  6. Julius' Bar - Before there was a riot at The Stonewall Inn there was a Sip-In at Julius' Bar which has been a longtime favorite of the writerly types and was even featured in a movie in the last few years.
  7. Gay St - Before there was a riot at The Stonewall Inn there was a Sip-In at Julius' Bar which has been a longtime favorite of the writerly types and was even featured in a movie in the last few years.
  8. The Stonewall Inn - On June 28th, 1969, the people who'd been so long mistreated by the police and the Mafia stopped taking the abuse and fought back. They fought for their lives in a way that could no longer be ignored. The rebellion lasted a week in the streets and finally change began to follow.

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