Philadelphia: Independence Hall

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Philadelphia gave birth to the American experience – the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness that defines the country. On our tour, we’ll visit the places where the American ideal came to life.

We’ll give you a taste of why Philadelphia is so vital to American history. In very real terms, pretty much everything that Americans hold dear– from personal liberty to religious freedom to inalienable rights – all came together in this city, long before America was even a country. No other American city holds the significance that Philly does. Yes, New York has its finances and its cultural offerings. Boston has its Tea Party, and D.C. has the federal government. But everything that defines the “American Experiment” … all took shape at the hands of Founding Fathers right here in Philadelphia.

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Philadelphia Independence Hall

  1. Liberty Bell - An iconic American symbol, yet “liberty” doesn’t refer to what many assume. As for the crack, there’s a story there.
  2. Congress Hall - At one time, this was the US Capitol, where the original lawmakers ruled the nation and defined the American experiment
  3. Independence Hall - No building in America has seen the breadth of country-defining history as Independence Hall. The US basically started right here.
  4. Old City Hall - The supreme laws that would shape America took shape here, the first home to the Supreme Court in the late-1790s.
  5. Library Hall - America’s first lending library, founded by Ben Franklin. It also served as America’s first Library of Congress.
  6. Second Bank of the United States - America’s second attempt at creating a central bank, like today’s Federal Reserve. This one funded America’s westward expansion.
  7. Carpenters’ Hall - Honoring the oldest craft guild in America – carpenters – this is where the first US state, Pennsylvania, declared independence from England
  8. First Bank of the United States - America’s original central bank was born of Constitutional controversy. Though it failed, it established what the Federal Reserve would become.
  9. Merchants’ Exchange - Wall Street is best known as America’s stock exchange, but Merchants’ Exchange was first. It begin in a coffee shop.
  10. City Tavern - George Washington ate here, literally – as did many Founding Fathers. It’s also where America’s first July 4th celebration occurred.

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