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Louise has a MA in History from Copenhagen University, where she specialized in medieval Danish social history. She has worked largely with Denmark’s monarchy and church history. Louise has 5…Read More Bio »

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If you have always been curious about the kings and queens of Denmark, then our tour is the perfect choice for you. Beginning at Rosenborg Castle, the summer residence of Denmarks most infamous king, this tour leads you through some of the city’s most impressive and historically important sites, ending at the main shopping street, Strøget.

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Written by a tour guide with an MA in History from Copenhagen University, where she specialized in medieval Danish social history

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Highlights include:

Amalienborg Castle, King's New Square, and Rosenborg Castle

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Royal Copenhagen

  1. Rosenborg Castle - Designed by King Christian 4, Rosenborg Castle has been part of Copenhagen since 1606. We will learn more about this reckless and sometimes foolhardy, yet much-beloved king and hear how Rosenborg ended up being a stunning museum and the Royal Treasury, housing the gorgeous Crown Jewels. We also hear how Copenhagen went from being a small village of no importance in Viking-times to a thriving but old-fashioned capital by the time Christian 4 takes over and how his plans for a modern Nordic superpower nearly bankrupted the country.
  2. Hans Christian Andersen statue - Hans Christian Andersen is Denmark's most beloved fairytale writer. Who was he and why did his fairytales capture the imagination of both upper and lower classes, children and adults alike, and how did life turn out for Copenhagens' most famous author?
  3. Fredriks Church - Hidden away between tall, overshadowing houses lies a true Copenhagen treasure. We will explore how a usurper nearly meant the end of this church and explain the church’s imposing nick-name The Marble Church along with tales of a new type of elite in the city, the all-powerful merchants that begin to rival the long-established noble aristocracy.
  4. Amalienborg Castle- The Amalienborg Castle has been home to the Danish monarchs since 1794. Here, we will talk about why the royals choose to live in so open and public a place and how that affects the relationship between monarch and the people. Which of the houses does the Queen live in and how do you tell if she is at home, and why have so many kings been named Christian or Frederik?
  5. Nyhavn - Nowadays, Nyhavn is Copenhagen's most popular tourist attraction. However, this was far from the truth just 40 years ago! Together we delve into the dark and sordid past of this beautiful place and learn why both kings, a certain fairytale-writer and prostitutes alike spent time in this dangerous neighborhood.
  6. Gammelholm - The corner of these streets may look innocent, but it was here that the second great fire of Copenhagen started. The fires of Copenhagen in 1728 and 1795 changed the city forever and we learn of the events that took place on that disastrous day in 1795 and begin to understand why fire was feared more than anything in Copenhagen.
  7. Kongens Nytorv - On this lovely open square we explore the connection between old Copenhagen and the new – both architecturally and in the mentalities of the growing bourgeoisie of the 17- and 1800’s, as topical as ever with the newly completed addition to the Metro-line under the old stones of the Royal Theater and you hear the story of some of the buildings lining the square.
  8. Strøget - How did Copenhagen end up having a 1.1 km long stretch of shopping in the center of the city and what may you find at the other end?

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