Washington, DC: National Mall

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Washington, DC


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On our tour, you will see and learn about the most famous monuments in Washington, DC. The tour will begin at the Washington Monument and then head to the Lincoln Memorial before continuing on the Jefferson Memorial. Between these major stops we will also see memorials for World War Two, the Korean War, veterans of the Vietnam War, Martin Luther King Jr., and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. We’ll learn about how these memorials have become permanent records of historical figures and events – and where they fall short.

Over the course of our walk, you will gain a new appreciation for all the sacrifice and effort that made America the nation that it is today. Why is Dr. King’s memorial located where it is, and what does it have to do with Lincoln and Jefferson? What role has the Lincoln Memorial played in the 20th century? Why did the Vietnam Veteran’s memorial expand beyond its original design? We’ll dive into these questions and others as we discover the messages hidden in plain sight.

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Washington, DC: National Mall

  1. Washington Monument - Visible for dozens of miles around, DC’s most iconic monument stands for its namesake, George Washington. Why is it an obelisk? Why does the stone change color? And why have a monument for George Washington right here anyways?
  2. World War II Memorial - As the newest War Memorial on the National Mall. The World War Two memorial combines several different sorts of symbolism to honor all those who served in the most consequential war of the 20th century. We will look at those various elements and reflect on the experiences had by those who lived and by those who served during this trying time.
  3. Vietnam Veterans Memorial - Considered by many to be the most meaningful memorial on the mall, the design of the Vietnam Veteran’s memorial was initially controversial, and was later amended. Why was this memorial built in less than a decade after the end of the war, faster than any other war memorial in all of Washington, DC? We will explore the simplicity as well as the depth of the design and how the memorial has become such a powerful place for so many.
  4. Lincoln Memorial - Though it is easily one of the most recognizable buildings in America, many do not know the ways in which Lincoln’s leadership, sacrifice, and legacy is embedded in this iconic memorial. We will reflect on how Abraham Lincoln guided the United States through the most threatening period in the young republic’s history and how his legacy lives on, in stone and in the hearts and minds of the American people.
  5. Korean War Memorial - Often referred to as the “Forgotten War”, the Korean War Memorial remembers the tens of thousands of Americans that risked their lives for a people they didn’t know in a land far away. Frank Gehry’s memorable design helps us, in several creative ways, put a face to all those who served in the Korean conflict.
  6. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial - Though it’s only been open since 2011, this memorial takes the legacy of Dr. King’s actions, his faith, and his words and presents them in a compelling way that encourages us to analyze his work and think of ways we can carry on his torch.
  7. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial - The FDR memorial is a completely different experience than all of the other presidential memorials on the mall. As we walk through this experiential and thoughtfullly-designed outdoor space, we will explore the unique sculptures, inscriptions, and design elements throughout that memorialize America’s longest-serving president.
  8. Thomas Jefferson Memorial - Thomas Jefferson’s unique and impactful life left an impression on America politically, educationally, and culturally that stretches until this day. We will study his words and actions and how they have impacted modern America, and the impact that this memorial has had on every president since its completion in 1943.

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