Essential St. Augustine

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St. Augustine


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Here in St Augustine’s historic district, we will discover how more than 300 years of Spanish and English influence have melded together to create such a unique city. Here we will see everything St Augustine has to offer, from titans of Floridian history, to entrepreneurial 19th century women; from soaring Cathedrals to some of the oldest burial plots in the country. We will experience all the best-known stories of St Augustine history today on our walking-tour of America’s Oldest City.

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Essential St. Augustine

  1. Castillo de San Marcos - What a perfect place to begin our tour of beautiful St Augustine! The Castillo de San Marcos, or Castillo for short, is one of the most iconic National Monuments in Florida, and speaks to the original purpose of the town of St Augustine.
  2. Medici Marble Lion Statues - Pristine and commanding, the Medici Lion Statue on the Bridge of Lions is a fantastic backdrop to any photo, and serves a link from St Augustine to other countries.
  3. Cathedral Basilica St Augustine - a great example of the combination of both English and Spanish influences, and is a testament to the dedication of the congregation.
  4. Flagler College - This college may be unlike any other higher learning institution in the country, as the facility was once a grand hotel!
  5. Spanish Military Hospital - We promise, no physical today! Just a fantastic military hospital museum to learn all about 18th century medicine inside.
  6. Ximenez-Fatio House Museum - With more digs than any other site in St Augustine, the archaeological discoveries alone make the Ximenez- Fatio house the perfect place to stop.
  7. Lightner Museum - With antiquities, oddities, and everything Gilded Age, the Lightner Museum is a must-see while visiting St Augustine.
  8. Gonzalez-Alvarez House - Known as “The Oldest House”, this is the oldest structure still standing from St Augustine’s first Spanish era.
  9. Tolomato Cemetery - This cemetery remains one of the most enigmatic burial sites in St Augustine, partly because of its long history, and partly because of the strange array of people buried inside.

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